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The music ministry extends the embrace of Christ to all who wish to lift their hearts and minds to God through music.  It is our desire to share God's loving presence with all, and in doing so, assist the parish community in their mission!

If you are not already a member of this ministry, please consider sharing your time, talent and treasure in our endevours.   We serve our parish community through education, preparation and participation in Sacramental celebration, social activities and special projects.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Director of  Music:  Cynthia Carpenter-Marr, 617.596.1192 or

Leader of Song:  Kimberly Whiteley, 508.881.5502 or

Associate Organist:  George Sargeant ,

Ministry Coordinators: Colleen Keelan, 978.505.9736 or

Children: Laura Hoff,, and  Amy Adolfsson 978.443.3939 or

Youth: Christine Thomas,

Lightstream Liason:  Edy Kacprzyk, 978.443.7211 or

Adults: Mike Gilroy ,

Adjunct Musicians: 

Dianne Mahany & Tammy Gibson - Clarinet

Richard Given & Steve Emery - Trumpet

Doug Lippincott - Percussion

Maria Kaplun & Will Sawyer - Piano












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